Good Bridge and Fun

We stress good bridge and fun at The Bridge Center.
Players who are rude or disruptive will be given
the game schedules of our competitors.

Club Procedures

Doors open 30 minutes before game time.

When you arrive, please select a direction (N-S or E-W) at an available table that matches your masterpoint level. This ensures a balanced field and maximum masterpoints for all players.

Please write your name under the appropriate direction on the entry form at the table and place your entry fee and the form inside the envelope. Table numbers are assigned at starting time.

Entries are $9.00 for regular games. Club Championships are $9.50 and they award additional masterpoints. Special games have additional fees to cover the higher ACBL charges and they award additional masterpoints.

Open Games
Our open games have no upper masterpoint limits and are open to players at all masterpoint levels. Open games are timed events and play 25-28 boards per session. We ask that our regular players welcome warmly players from the limited masterpoint games as they venture into our open games as well as all players new to the Club, and help them feel comfortable.

Limited Masterpoint Games
Wednesday afternoon games have an upper masterpoint limit of 500. We play 21-28 boards. These games allow social, newer and intermediate players to play in a more relaxed atmosphere.

If you are an ACBL member, your masterpoints are submitted to ACBL at the end of each month. You qualify for masterpoints each time you place in the top forty percent of your strat.

All games are stratified. This means that we create sub-groups of players that have fewer masterpoints than the group as a whole. For example, a game might have three strats. Strat A is always the entire field. Strat B might be all pairs in which at least one player has less than 1000 masterpoints, and Strat C might be all pairs with both players having fewer than 300 masterpoints. So, a pair with both players having fewer than 500 masterpoints competes in all three strata. A pair with neither partner having over 1000 points and one or both having over 500 points, competes in Strat B as well as Strat A.

Exact limits for strats vary depending on attendance. Common limits for open games are Open/500/200, Open/750/300 or Open/1000/500. For limited masterpoint games, the strats might be 500/200/100.

If your rank or status changes during the year, congratulations! Please let us know so we can share your good news and update our database.

Game results and masterpoint lists are available at The Hellenic Center and on the DCBA Website. Click on the Calendar link soon after each game. If you would like a copy of the scores, just ask the director. Score corrections are accepted until 15 minutes before the next scheduled game.

Inclement Weather
Please call(845) 463-2919 for a recorded message on game status about two hours before start time during periods of inclement weather. We seldom close!

We recommend you bring a sweater to use as needed. The thermostat doesn't keep the temperature perfectly. Sweaters may be left on the hangers.

File Drawer
If you would like to leave your convention cards or items for other players, create a file in the cabinet. The files will be alphabetized by last name.

Coffee and snacks are complimentary. Soft drinks are available in the refrigerator for 50¢.

Bridge Classes
Beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes are held periodically. Let us know if you are interested.

Player Responsibilities

Please be considerate of your fellow players.

We start promptly. If you might be late to a game, please call. If a pair or individual coming late causes significant changes to the movement, they may not be allowed to play.

Duplicate bridge is a timed event. For all open games, one late play is allowed per pair; subsequent late plays become 2 match- point penalties. Starting to play a hand after a round has been called holds up the whole room while we all wait for your table to finish. You can "play the hand fast" at the end, while the game is being scored. Any table starting to bid or play a hand while the round is being called will be penalized one full board (both pairs).

Speed up your game by making the lead before recording the contract on your private score sheet.

When the move is called, if you are not finished playing, please pass a board to the next table so they don't have to ask for one.

At the conclusion of the game, turn over all the cards for one hand of the board and take the boards to the bookcase. Please pick up pencils, cups, napkins and other trash at and around your table.

Please help keep your Club clean and attractive. Don't put anything on the windowsills. Put your coffee cups and crumbs in the wastebasket. Please promptly blot up coffee spills using the old towels by the fridge. Beverages will not stain if promptly and thoroughly blotted up. Use a napkin under your cup to prevent rings on the side tables.

If you can't empty your coffee cup in the rest room, then gently place it upright in the trash container. Please don't pour liquids on the ground outside the door.

Use the side tables for your refreshments to minimize possible spill damage to the cards, boards and bid boxes. Don't put boards or bid boxes near coffee cups.

The Center phone is for emergencies only. We are billed by time and distance for each call. Please leave 25¢ in the dish each time your call goes through. Please, don't call directory assistance as these calls cost over $1.50 each.

Personal pagers and cell phones must be turned off during the game.

Smoking is prohibited by law in any part of the building, including the lobby.

In support of Dutchess County's recycling efforts, we have containers to hold office paper (convention cards), returnable cans and bottles, and non-returnable cans and bottles.

The ACBL (The American Contract Bridge League)

The Bridge Center runs all types of ACBL games. While we encourage membership in ACBL, both members and nonmembers are equally welcome to play here.

If you wish to join ACBL, we will be happy to send your membership application to ACBL for you, along with the masterpoints you have earned here for the last 12 months. ACBL will record your masterpoints and send an informative monthly magazine. First time members may join for $24 for the first year. Regular dues are $35 per year.

If you are currently a member of ACBL and choose not to renew your membership, the masterpoints you earn here will continue to accumulate in The Bridge Center database, will count in stratification, and will be sent to ACBL, but ACBL will not record them.